American Systems Group, Inc.

Focused on government contracting advisory services as well as consulting with start-ups

Advisory Services • Executive Advisories • Coaching and Mentoring • Government Contracting

• Complex Business Solutions • Strategic Planning • Entrepreneurship Services

•Professional & Business Development • Federal Procurement Regulations

• Dispute Resolutions and Contract Close-outs • GSA • Team Leadership

• Project Management • Facilitation/Collaboration Skills

•Confidential executive advisories to client companies, with a focus on current/pending RFP's and selection of teaming partners
•Discrete advisory services for problem resolutions, including support to legal counsel to convert problems into opportunities
•Comprehensive start-up services for translation of entrepreneurial concepts into a going business
•Enhances risk mitigation with systems to implement "Bid-to-Win, and Manage-to-(increase) Profit'


Post Office Box 9500
McLean, Virginia 22102-0500
Telephone: (703) 821-2400
Facsimile:   (703) 852-7371


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